You want to meet some like-minded people, have you heard about…

Du möchtest Gleichgesinnte treffen, hast du schon von diesen Gruppen gehört…

Tu souhaites rencontrer des personnes partageant des expéri-ences similaires, as-tu déjà entendu parler de…


Experience the LGBTIQ+ community as an inclu-sive space! Come together for exchanges and cozy moments at ‘Queer After
Work.’ An opportunity to celebrate our diversity and connect.

Be(come) Yourself

A self-led trans group by Rosa Lëtzebuerg: Connecting & supporting trans individuals and
allies. Advocating for transrights, fostering mutual support, exchange, networking,
and planning events. Join us for empowerment and active engagement!


The G-Dads group is a support and empowerment group within the LGBTIQ+ Center CIGALE. It brings together gay fathers and
future gay fathers and provides advice, information, mutual support, and advocates for the interests of rainbow families.

Golden Gays

The Golden Gays is a meeting group for LGBTIQ+ seniors (50+). The monthly Golden Gays meet-ups are taking place every 17th of the month at the Rainbow Center (19 rue St Esprit, L-1475) from 18.00h. See you there!

Group for parents of transgender kids and teens

They are a support group for parents of transgender children and teenagers by the LGBTIQ+ Centre GIGALE. If you want to accompany your trans child with kindness, are trying to better understand them and exchange with people in the same situation as your-self, you can join their meetings every 3rd Saturday of the month from 9:30 to 11:30.

The group of the A.

Centre Cigale’s latest empowerment group, the Group of the A, is there for all the members of the ace and/or aro communities. It offers a safe space to meet and make friends with other members of the community and offer individual support as well as activism to advance the ace and aro causes in the entire country. Bring drinks and snacks.


The L-Mums is a support group of queer mothers and future mothers from diverse backgrounds organized by the LGBTIQ+ Centre CIGALE. Whether single or in a relationship with another woman, they share a common desire to be mothers, a wish to protect their partners and children and a conviction that Luxembourg is the best place to establish their families.

LGBTIQ+ Refugees

(International Protection & Asylum Seekers) The LGBTIQ+ Refugees Group is a support and empowerment group hosted and supported by Centre LGBTIQ+ CIGALE. It brings together every individual who is familiar with or has experienced the path of international protection be they asylum seekers, refugees or status holders to help them find and receive support in their procedures and effort support their peers while offering a space where they can be who they are, in complete safety. Join them every 2nd Tuesday of the month, from 17:00 to 20:30.

The LGBTIQ+ sports group

The LGBTIQ+ sports group is a support and empowerment group of Centre LGBTIQ+ CIGALE. Whether individually or collectively, for leisure or in a competitive spirit, the Luxembourgish sports world offers few places for us. The communities that constitute the LGBTIQ+ family are aware of this; the question is always about finding a safe space. We, LGBTIQ+ athletes, both avid and less inclined towards sports, have decided to take matters into our own hands and reclaim these sports spaces that also belong to us.


The Lilies (Later in Life) group is a support and empowerment group within the Centre LGBTIQ+ CIGALE for individuals who have experienced, are experiencing, or are considering a late-in-life coming out… In this group, they support each other with kindness, respect, and utmost confidentiality, recognizing that participants may be at different stages in their lives and finding support from those who’ve gone through similar experiences. And if you’ve already made this journey, you can provide support to those currently going through it. The Lilies meet every third Friday of the month and organize activities and outings based on everyone’s availability. Don’t stay alone.

Pink Ladies

The Pink Ladies is a meeting group for LGBTIQ+ women. The monthly Pink Ladies meet-ups are taking place every second Friday of the month at the Rainbow Center (19 rue St Esprit, L-1475) from 20.00h – 23.00h. Bring friends, snacks and drinks! Thank
you! See you there!

Pink Gents

The Pink Gents is a meeting group for LGBT+ men. The Pink Gents meet-ups are taking place every month at various locations. Visit their socials for the latest news.

Politics: Rosa Lëtzebuerg’s Political Advocacy Group

Political Advocacy Group Diverse members united for LGBTIQ+ rights through political engagement. We work to shape inclusive policies, challenge discrimination, and make Luxembourg a more equitable place for all.

Questions about being Intersex or Trans?

The association Intersex & Transgender Luxembourg a.s.b.l. offers ressources and possibilities of connecting to other inter* or trans* people. Feel free to reach out via their contact form:

Rainbow Business Network

LGBTIQ+ Business Owners networked by Rosa Lëtzebuerg, focused on local SMEs. We connect LGBTIQ+  entrepreneurs, fostering inclusion and networking in the local business community. Together, we empower diversity and drive success.

Rainbow Families

A space for LGBTIQ+ parents and kids where you can participate in planning events and activities. Politics, support, exchange, or simply a fun playdate. Join us in connecting, empowering, and building a welcoming community.


CIGALE’s UniQueers group welcomes everyone from the LGBTIQA+ community, regardless of body, identity or sexual orientation. Meetings take place every first Friday of the month. Bring a drink and a snack to share.

University of Luxembourg LGBT+ Students’ Association

The University of Luxembourg LGBT+ Students’ Association offers a safe space for anyone who comes from a minority sexual/romantic/gender identity to meet and organizes accessible and inclusive events. They also campaign for the rights of LGBT+ people at the University, and collaborate with the wider community.


Rosa Lëtzebuerg and the Rainbow Center are forming a youth group. Interested? 
Reach out to join! We’re building a supportive LGBTIQ+ community for young individuals. Let’s connect together.