Aries: Hold your horses for a second, will you? Sure, there’s a lot to be done and only so many hours in the day and diving head-first into new challenges might just be a very welcome distraction from other things you’d rather not go into… Fair enough! But be careful not to charge too far ahead! As inspiringly independent as you may be, you are not, in fact, alone in this and your break-neck pace might just cause your peers to be left behind… Which would be even more of a shame considering how building bridges and bringing people together is most definitely part of your strong suit! There’s no point in being first to the finish line: we either win all, as a community, or we all sink together… Let’s try to avoid another Stonewall aftermath…

Taurus: Well, what to tell you? You know that there’s a fine line between dedication and stubbornness and you yourself are definitely self-aware enough to make the difference. No need, either, to tell you to be patient in your newest endeavours – if anything, you know how to play the long game a bit too well… But sometimes, it might just be necessary to change plans last minute, you know? Else, you risk losing out on amazing opportunities! Especially when your current “project” involves a rather hopeless-seeming situation… Yes, they like you. No, they’re not emotionally available right now and, if you’re being honest with yourself, no amount of perseverance will lead you to the desired result here. Sometimes the best way to win in the long run is to call it quits and save yourself the trouble and the heartbreak. Your natural aversion to the hookup culture seemingly dominating queer spaces will pay off for sure – just not this time!

Gemini: Would calling you two-faced qualify as a micro-aggression? Maybe not quite but it’s no secret that you’re often misunderstood. You love connecting with people, meaning all kinds of people, which, in a drama-laden community such as ours, doesn’t only end up making you friends, unfortunately… But hey, as long as you don’t let yourself be held back by all those petty grudges, nor the judging eyes of others, you’ll do just fine! After all, those who take the time to get to know you will discover that you are so much more than just the stereotypical social butterfly: a loyal and committed partner, an incredibly hard worker and so much more! Remember, though, that this goes both ways and that trying to be more patient with people might just be what will tip the scales in your favour!

Cancer: Oh, you definitely left an impression when you entered that room! Pity, though, that it wasn’t necessarily entirely correct… But that’s alright with you, isn’t it? Hard shell, soft core and all that. And who cares about the people who aren’t willing to invest the time and energy to get to know the real you anyway? Well, you definitely aren’t wrong but remember that, in order for people to get closer to you, they first need to, well, get close to you and you’re not exactly making it easy for them… Which is a bit of a shame, considering how caring and empathetic you are! But then again, seeing how much you are willing to give to others, it’s perfectly understandable – as much as it might make it hard for you to navigate the seemingly omnipresent promiscuity of queer spaces… Still, try to open up a little: there just might be more people looking for as much commitment as you than you think! 

Leo: What are you doing? You love the spotlight more than anyone else, spreading life, passion and energy wherever you go! Be aware, though, of how you might come off to others! While you might not see a problem in creating a little drama here and there – after all, isn’t drama the spice of life? – the reception might not be quite so enthusiastic… You might be going through a tough spot right now and thus be trying to help yourself get out of it by being extra outgoing. Unfortunately, there’s always the risk that you end up spreading more negative energy than you intend to this way! Although you most likely have no bad intentions, people in queer spaces tend to be a bit more fragile than the general public and you should never assume anyone’s identity. And yes, it’s hard to accept one’s own failure but it will help you grow stronger going forward!

Virgo: You are enough! Queer enough, smart enough, pretty enough – just simply, enough! Why open with this? Because, as you know best, you’re your own very worst critic and there’s much more than enough self-loathing to go around inside the community! So, try to cut everyone some slack, both others – and they will thank you for it, just don’t expect them to literally say “thank you” – and, more importantly maybe, yourself! After all, you’re almost as patient as you’re perfectionistic and there’s no shame in letting patience win from time to time, be it in a professional or a personal context. Don’t take it, however, as an excuse to indulge in your worst codependent tendencies: being patient and being an enabler is not the same thing. You shouldn’t need to feel useful in order to feel loved! Always remember: you are enough but so is, in the end, everyone else!

Libra: What do you want? Apart from not being alone, of course! It might seem like a weird question to you but you shouldn’t be surprised if people wonder about it… Whether it’s about something as simple as ordering takeout or as serious as life plans, you always seem to have a hard time making up your mind. It, of course, becomes especially tricky when your love life is concerned. Yes, this is going there – sorry not sorry! Because even once you’ve somehow ended up with one or multiple partners – and, yes, settling on polyamory by default, is in fact problematic and not valid! – you find yourself torn between your desire to be seen by your partner(s) and your need for harmony… Deep down, you know that you can’t have your cake and eat it too and it may just be the root of your indecision. Still, maybe most tragically, you actually enjoy commitment, crave it even while being your own worst enemy when it comes to achieving it…

Scorpio: How’s domesticity going for you? Well, knowing you, you’re either doing amazing or starting to question the path you have chosen for yourself… And both are perfectly valid! You bring a lot of intensity into everything: friendships, relationships, life plans. You know what you want and you always get there, one way or another… Or at least that’s what it looks like from the outside… And who’s to tell what’s going on inside your head? You’ve built those meaningful connections in your life but somehow seem to be hesitant to rely on them – for sure, trust doesn’t come easy to you and who could blame you for it? But as much as you’re willing to fight tooth and nail for your found family of queer weirdos, don’t hesitate to let them return the favour! And do try to listen to their advice – believe it or not, your well-being is important to them!

Sagittarius: Slow and steady wins the race, the saying goes. It may go against your natural tendencies, playing the long game could just be the approach that’ll lead you to success right now! Well, not this very instant, but, you know… And while you’re at it, try to resist the temptation of going all-in from the very beginning! You’re finally connecting with new queers in your life but you would still do your best to not rush into anything and let things unfold at their proper pace. Which is harder than it sounds after the frustrating months you have behind you, for sure! Commitment is hot, for sure, but that’s not an invitation to do the U-Haul on the second date thing either! Still, that’s no excuse to forgo “due diligence” so to say, which would be quite unfair to any potential partner – and ultimately, yourself too!

Capricorn: Remember that time when you didn’t want to participate in your local queer karaoke but then ended up being the last one to leave, fuelled, for once, by sangria and an inexplicable desire to sing all the early 2000’s pop metal songs? Maybe not, but those around you sure do! Because unfortunately, you sometimes come off as almost allergic to fun, having drawn the opposite conclusion to the fact that life is shorter than most anyone else… And, fair enough, you know where you want to end up and will get there, which cannot be said for everyone. However, try to enjoy yourself more! Having and reaching goals is all well and good but, as the saying goes, the journey is a goal in and by itself! And while you’re at it, also try to cut those around you some slack: everyone’s needs and goals are different which keeps life interesting. And what even is a journey, without travel companions? The relevant answer: a lot less fun!

Aquarius: As far as you are concerned, there is no “I” in “community”! Well, not as far as orthography is concerned but that’s beside the point! There’s hardly anyone who’s more committed to the community than you are, even if your natural tendency towards intellectualizing everything might lead some people to think otherwise. But that hardly matters to you, does it? What counts is the “big picture”, the “greater good”, at almost any cost… Unfortunately, you often end up paying that cost yourself, as your theory-laden yet practical approach to everything can end up taking quite the toll on your personal life, as, combined with your community-oriented way of thinking, might lead even people close to you to see you as detached or even slightly cynical… And we’re not even talking about your romantic relationships… The advice, then? Try looking at things from other people’s perspectives more often! Because there is in fact an “I” in “community” after all: “I” as in “intersex”!

Pisces: While it may be sometimes difficult for others to relate to your inner world, its richness and the imagination, it attests to, are undeniable strengths of yours! Let the nay-sayers call you a dreamer or even delusional – never forget that there’s also those who will always appreciate the whimsy and kindness you bring into their lives! Be careful, though, to stay grounded in reality, lest you end up swallowed up by your emotions! Even those close to you might not always be able to offer as much empathy and compassion as you do them and the flipside of feeling everything as deeply as you do is a tendency to take things too personally. And it’s only understandable, then, that you might be more conflict-avoidant than your peers. Remember, however, that the occasional fight in a relationship is not a catastrophe and that, well, “conflict is not abuse”. There is always a fine line between healthy fights and becoming the new source of drama in your queer bubble, after all!

© Illustrations by Viki Mladenovski